Bishop of the Culture

Our Founder

The Founder of Urban Specialists, Bishop Omar Jahwar was an internationally renowned community leader and advocate.  His pipeline from the Hood to the White House was filled with a host of historically “unusual” partnerships and alliances that extended to his shared network.  Bishop Omar is widely known all over the world for his results-driven approach to interrupting senseless violence and bringing about positive change in communities with increased crime, and high poverty rates.  He was committed to revitalizing urban communities to ending the culture of violence.

Urban Specialists™ is a nonprofit organization working to eliminate violence in Urban Culture.

As we look out across our nation’s landscape today, there is a growing concern about the crisis that seems to be ever-growing. At the same time, we believe that there is also a reservoir of hope that runs deep within the people that make our cities, states and nation great! It is because of that hope that we are convening The Heal America Tour, which will travel to various cities with one mission in mind, to revive hope and bring healing to those who seek to serve.


We reach into the depths of our communities

We bring awareness to critical issues and provide sustainable solutions.

OGU is a world-class training experience that equips OG’s and Influencers to eliminate violence by using their influence for good.  OG’s can catalyze their passion to create value in their community, using their impact to make a positive change.

Building and Empowering Communities through Collaboration and Positive Culture

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