Call To Action – Urban Specialists

We believe in the power of individuals to change their own lives, their communities, and the world for the better. Join US in eliminating the culture of violence.

A Historical Conversation in Baton Rouge, LA

CourseCon Baton Rouge leverages our unique ability to navigate the complexities of urban culture and lead the way for activating solutions to disrupt the culture of violence. This moderated forum provided an opportunity for residents, community stakeholders and key influencers to engage in in-depth conversation about shared community interests and solutions to stop senseless violence.
It was a unique and historic night, as it featured the unveiling of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s never publicly seen hearse. This presentation was a powerfully emotional one as it marked 50 years since Dr. King sacrificed his life in a non-violent pursuit for civil rights and freedom; and was coupled with a bold statement from Martin Luther King III about the power to love your enemies and press toward change.
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We believe that when we all join together, we can stop the culture of violence in our community.


A Civil Discourse in Dallas, TX

Experience the First-Ever Course Correction Conversation


The Talk in Atlanta, GA

Leveraging Opportunity to Transform the Community

A conversation with Atlanta’s urban community and key influencers about urban renewal opportunities and eliminating the culture of violence.