About US – Urban Specialists


We work to change the cultural environment of our communities in order to stop senseless violence. Through invading the most influential segments of Urban Culture, we intrude with actual alternative life experiences that transform and empower.







We believe effective influence of popular Urban Culture will require a unique and innovative approach.

We invade Urban Culture and with intrusive activities that provide alternative life experiences, we transform values, attitudes, morals and ideas. In turn, destructive behavior also changes.


We are Urban Specialists™ and we love what we do.
Our headquarters is located in Dallas, TX.

Our training and methodology equips Urban Specialists™ to ensure a safe and productive environment for participants to evaluate their values and learn to change behavior. Our activities emphasize goal-setting, self-exploration, visualization of an alternative future, development of personal relationships, pathways to opportunity.

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  • 1997Achievement Against the Odds Award

    Omar Jahwar received the Achievement Against the Odds award from the Center for Neighborhood Enterprise (CNE).
  • 1998The Beginning

    Vision Regeneration is created to utilize Urban Specialists™ for violence prevention, gang intervention, and youth rehabilitation in the Frazier Court area.
  • 2000Achieving Peace

    Successfully negotiated the first gang truce in Dallas, TX between the “Crips” and “Bloods”.
  • 2002Community Beautification

    Begin job training program to train and employ Urban Specialists™ to plant "Grass, Trees, and Shrubs" and renovate houses in the Frazier Court area.
  • 2008Growth & Building

    Awarded the Communities Empowering Youth (CEY) Federal capacity-building grant, while serving in 18 Dallas ISD schools in the area of youth violence prevention and gang intervention.
  • 2009Finding the Solution

    Hosted the 1st Solutions Conference, connecting community leaders, ex-gang leaders, judicial, law enforcement and corrections leaders – to distill the best practices for ending youth violence and changing youth culture.
  • 2010The Invasion

    Positive Xchange is launched in the Dallas area as an information resource and social networking opportunity for urban youth.
  • 2015The Future

    Urban Specialists™ form the US Power Movement to transform Urban Culture, end generational poverty and stop irrational violence.
  • 2017International Humanitarian Award

    Urban Specialists™ receive the International Humanitarian Award in Dallas, TX.

    Urban Specialists™ launch US ATL in Atlanta, GA.

    Urban Specialists™ launch a US Chapter in Baton Rouge, LA.
  • 2019US Launches OGU

    Urban Specialists™ launch OGU in Dallas, Texas to train catalytic citizens to positively impact their community.

    Bishop Omar received the Rise and Shine Award from WFAA (Dallas ABC News Affiliate)

    US launched OGU campuses in Atlanta, Georgia and in Baton Rouge, Louisiana to spread the movement to stop violence

    US kicked off the Heal America Tour in Dallas, Texas reaching over 70k people
  • 2020Heal America goes to Detroit

    The Heal America Tour visited Detroit, Michigan.

    In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, US helped to secure over 4k applicants across Dallas, Atlanta, Baton Rouge to receive an available $10M.

    The Heal America Tour visited Dallas, TX, Minneapolis, MN, Atlanta, GA, Chicago, IL, and Jackson, MS to discuss citizenship and racial justice.