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We utilize an innovative approach to transform urban communities and culture into violence free zones with productive social capital, sustainable stability, and opportunity. 

Our solutions to uplift disadvantaged individuals and stop violence produce motivated citizens with a competitive advantage.

By following a measurable and replicable pathway using the 3-I Model, we transform hostile marginalized areas to equip citizens with resources from a network of allies.

Helping individuals improve their lives and achieve their goals

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The Y-US Movement is a solution-based initiative created to develop Young Urban Specialists. This movement utilizes key influencers, OG’s, Mentors, Educators, and more! Support from key influencers cultivates students ability to discover, develop, and be the solution to create solution-based change in their communities.

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Frederick Douglass Gala

The Frederick Douglass Gala is our signature annual fundraising event to inspire, observe, and appreciate urban excellence. We celebrate at-promise youth pursuing their dreams and achieving greatness, while recognizing true OGs that stand with US to empower youth and stop senseless violence.

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In an effort to combat the toxicity of anger and blame, we begin conversations to promote the unifying idea of citizenship.

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Collaborate and build community by leveraging resources, sharing information, and multiplying positive impact.