An Urban Specialists Initiative


Become a Young Urban Specialist

The Y-US Movement is a solution-based initiative created to develop Young Urban Specialists. This movement utilizes key influencers, OG’s, Mentors, Educators, and more! Support from key influencers cultivates students ability to discover, develop, and be the solution to create solution-based change in their communities.

So, Y-US?
Because we are the solution!

The mission of the Y-US Movement is to suppress senseless violence among youth in urban communities.

Our theory is simple, if students are occupied with positive exchanges among their community, then they will not have the time to indulge in criminal activity and/or develop a negative mindset.

Y-US will use Bishop Omar Jahwar’s 3-I Model as a blueprint to achieve effective and lasting transformation in the lives of youth, their family, and the community.

“You can’t do a drive-by analysis of the problem. We must get close enough to the problem in order to properly diagnose it.”

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We Need You!

We are looking for community partners like you to inspire young entrepreneurs toward excellence.