What is the Young Urban Specialists Internship Program?

The Young Urban Specialists Internship Program was founded by Urban Specialists Engagement Director, LaMontria A. Edwards.

This 10-week internship program was designed in partnership with the Stand Together Fellowship Initiative to become a movement that will serve as a transformative mentor solution network of young adults utilizing key influencers, Empowered Changemaker’s, Mentors, Educators, and more!

Support from critical influencers cultivates students’ ability to discover, develop, and be the solution to create solution-based  change in urban communities utilizing Bishop Omar Jahwar’s 3-I Model. 

So, Y-US?
Because we are the solution!

“You can’t do a drive-by analysis of the problem. We must get close enough to the problem in order to properly diagnose it.”

Meet the Team

LaMontria Edwards
Director of Engagement

Joylene Spence
Engagement Coordinator

Jamaya Parker
Engagement Journalist

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Are you Inspired?

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